Toffee and Butter Caramel Flavoured Ice Confection
A chocolate lover’s delight, creamy chocolate flavored ice confection to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s simple and delicious!
Strawberry Flavoured Ice Confection with Grape Flavoured Carrageenan Dessert
Mixed Fruit Flavoured Ice Confection Coated with Green Couverture
Caramel flavoured ice confection
Coated with our favourite Popping Candy. Uncover each layer of the popsicle, enjoying three fruity flavours all in one - Orange, Grape, and Apple! Only available in 7-11.
Fun and playful fruit slice which contains real melon juice, a healthier snack option for your family! It’s so delicious and refreshing. Grab this yummy treat from any convenience stores!
A fun & delicious combination of milky vanilla & chocolate ice cream with goodness of milk & high calcium that’s good for kids! Available first in 7-11.